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Review Shark HC502 3-in-1 Max Air Purifier with True HEPA

Review Shark HC502 3-in-1 Max Air Purifier with True HEPA

Shark HC502 3-in-1 Max air purifier is a high-end product from the Shark brand, USA. The machine is equipped with many superior features, helping to bring fresh air to your family.

Jan 09, 2024 · 6 min read

Olivia Langstaff
By Olivia Langstaff

Staff Writer

Shark HC502 3-in-1 Max Air Purifier with True HEPA


Low noise

Large air purification area

High air cleaning efficiency

Smart 3-in-1 feature

Easy to use with simple control panel and remote control


High selling price

High filter replacement costs

Low heating efficiency

Technical specifications of Shark HC502 3-in-1 Max air purifier


12.59 x 12.59 x 29.52 inches

Usable area

1000 Square Feet

Noise level

28-59 dB

Electricity supply


Air purification method


Design and features

Shark HC502 3-in-1 Max air purifier has a modern, luxurious design with main white color. The machine has dimensions of 47.5 x 30 x 70.5 cm and weight of 12.7 kg, suitable for use in rooms with an area of 500 to 1000 square meters.

The body of the device is made of high-quality ABS plastic, is dust-proof and easy to clean. The front of the machine is an LED screen that displays information about air quality, operating mode and other settings. Above the screen is a physical control button for users to easily operate.

On the back of the machine are connection ports, including power port, USB port and filter connection port. The machine's filter includes 3 layers: coarse filter layer, HEPA filter layer and activated carbon filter layer. The coarse filter layer helps remove large dust particles, the HEPA filter layer helps remove smaller dust particles, including pollen, pet dander and bacteria, and the activated carbon filter layer helps eliminate odors.

The Shark HC502 3-in-1 Max Air Purifier is equipped with several features that make it a good choice for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, as well as for those who just want to Improve indoor air quality in their home:

  • HEPA Filter: Captures 99.98% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 microns, including dust, pollen, dander, smoke and mold spores.
  • Clean Sense IQ: Monitors air quality in real time and automatically adjusts fan speed to maintain clean air.
  • Pure Air Microforce: A powerful fan that filters air quickly and quietly.
  • Oscillating design: Distributes clean air evenly throughout the room.
  • Multiple fan speeds: Choose from three fan speeds to adjust airflow and noise levels.
  • Timer: Set the air purifier to run for a specific period of time.
  • Remote Control: Operate the air purifier conveniently from anywhere in the room.

In addition, the machine also adds very useful features such as:

  • Heater: Provides up to 1500 watts of heating power to warm a room up to 300 square feet.
  • Lock odor: Carbon filter helps eliminate odors in the air.
  • Antibacterial Protection: The filter is treated with an antibacterial coating that helps prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • Filter Replacement Indicator: Lets you know when the filter needs to be replaced.

Settings and performance

Setting up the Shark air purifier is not difficult. First, remove the front grille cover, pull out the plastic-coated filter, and tear off the plastic. If you do not remove the plastic part, it may damage the machine. Luckily, Shark issues warnings in some areas so it's hard to miss this step.

Plus, setup is as simple as plugging the Shark air purifier into an outlet and pressing the Start button on the control panel. What's interesting here is that the circular control panel is also a remote control—it can be removed for use. The only downside is that the remote uses line-of-sight technology, so you have to stand in front of the device and point straight at it for the remote to work. This is a relatively minor issue, but it does mean that the remote won't work if the user is in another room.

I started testing the machine to measure the noise the machine makes. In High mode, the device measured 59 decibels, equivalent to the sound of a car traveling at about 60 miles per hour. However, at Low level, the purifier only recorded 28 decibels, as quiet as a whisper.

If sound becomes a problem, I recommend running it on High as needed to remove contaminants quickly. After about an hour, switch to Low to maintain fresh air in the room. A note here—I stood about a meter away from the purifier when I measured the decibels. Users located more than 3 meters away will see a reduction in noise levels.

Next I tested the machine's air filtration performance. After retrieving all the items from the test cabinet, I wiped down the ceiling, walls, and floor to make sure they were relatively dust-free. I started by placing the Shark in the middle of the cabinet next to the air quality monitor, then I wiggled a dirty rug above both. Within about 20 seconds, the monitor registered unsafe levels of airborne particles. I turned Shark on High and closed the cabinet door to let it do its thing. After running the Shark for 30 minutes, I read it again. According to the monitor, airborne particles have decreased to safe levels.

Finally, I tested the Shark's smoke removal capabilities. I lit five incense sticks in the cupboard and closed the door. After letting the incense burn in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, I read a book. The monitor indicates dangerous levels of smoke, especially elevated levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). I turned the Shark to High and closed the door.

At 30 minutes, I took another reading and the levels were still slightly elevated but almost back to the safe zone. The scent is milder but I can still smell it. I took another reading 30 minutes later and the levels were back in the safe zone. There's still the smell of incense, but only slightly.


Shark HC502 3-in-1 Max air purifier is a high-end product, bringing many benefits to your family's health. The machine has a modern, luxurious design, effective 3-layer filter, 3 convenient operating modes and many safety features. This is a product worth considering if you are looking for a high-quality air purifier.

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